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Jan. 19, 2010. As our readers know the breast can present a wide range of sizes due to many different factors interacting. In the cases of women with a small or reduced breast size, frustration can be caused by an inferiority complex associated with the fear of "what will they say" further accentuated in young women and adolescents, which are more concerned about their friends', neighbors or colleagues comments.

What is the perfect breast?

Normally it is considered that the perfect breast is firm, full, medium – big volume, with a soft, nice and smooth skin. The aureole of the nipple should have a diameter of between 3 and 5cm.

Is it normal to have asymmetries in the breast?

It is quite normal that there are differences between the two breasts, in seven out of ten cases, the right breast is smaller than the left, although this difference is not usually visible. In the case that there is a big difference between the sizes of the breasts, you should have patience because it will tend to equalize over the years.

Among the most influential factors in the female breast size we can put emphasis on:

1. GENETIC FACTORS: one of the most important determining factors in the size of the breast in women. Usually the breasts of a girl, is going to be similar to those of her mother, which can be said to be inherited. This means that if a mother has small breasts it is also likely that your daughter is going to have them.

2. THE PASSAGE OF TIME: the inevitable passage of time will make the breasts tend to fall by force of gravity. These will gradually lose the strength with the passage of years, proving very influential aspects such as proper feeding, the bra or a balanced life. But nothing can prevent a woman's breasts to fall and deteriorate with age, even though it can be delayed and made less visible with tips and products for this purpose.

3. PREGNANCY AND LACTATION: during pregnancy and lactation the breasts will undergo several abrupt changes in size. The most traumatic for a woman is that many of these changes can become permanent, although these changes are shown during the first months of pregnancy by increasing the size of the breasts.

4. DISEASES: some diseases can affect the chest directly, but the most common is breast cancer that can cause changes in the size and shape of these.

5. SUDDEN LOSS AND INCREASEMENT OF THE WEIGHT: a sudden loss and increase in the chest or in relatively short intervals of time may affect the strength of them, causing the appearance of stretch marks. The advantage is that they are reversible and can usually return to their previous state.

6. AN INCORRECT POSITION OF THE SHOULDERS AND BACK:an incorrect posture or position can cause the breast to hang and fall. It is also the cause of the sagging bellies of many women.

I am not happy and want to increase the size of my breasts, is this possible?

Of course. You should not be resigned to live with breasts which you are not entirely satisfied with. Whether you have small breasts or not, and you simply want to increase its size, there are methods and products with which you can increase your breast size.

Until recently the only truly effective method was surgery, although in the recent years alternative products have been refined that are having incredible success with the results. Also they have the advantage that there is no need to go through surgery, not to undergo anesthesia and the risks associated with surgery, it is much cheaper and has no risk to the health or the breasts. Can you imagine increasing the size, firmness and volume of your breasts, just by taking a pill, a cream, a vibrating device or by doing a simple exercise routine? We propose a number of really effective products for improving many of the conditions of your breasts without going through the surgery and without risks.

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