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Jan. 16, 2010. A small breast size can be a real problem for millions of women around the world. Several studies have demonstrated the importance of the breast size for a woman and how traumatic it can be having a small breast compared to the average. The most common reactions among people suffering from this problem include the loss of self esteem and confidence, low morale, fear of ridicule, difficulty relating to people and express an inability to enjoy the sexual relations.

It is psychologically hard for a woman to feel how your friends, colleagues or family members have a larger and more voluminous breast, coupled with the shame many feel when getting undressed in the dressing room, going to the doctor or maintaining a sexual relationship with a man. There have been numerous scientific studies demonstrating that there is a great number of women who tend to suffer from psychological pain caused precisely by the size of their breasts.

What results will I get?

  1. "I think of the size of my breasts at all hours            of the day."
  2. "I wish I had a bigger chest."
  3. "I am very concerned if someone sees me."
  4. "I feel frustrated and unaided by the size of             my chest ..."
  5. "I feel ashamed of my breasts when            somebody looks at me."
  6. "I'm worried how the size of my breasts will            affect my sex life ..."
  7. "I am worried because I do not feel            attractive to men."

Any woman can be very sensitive to the social expectations that they think will be caused because they "have a small chest". When a woman feels inferior for having a smaller chest than the average they will probably experience loss of self esteem. The worst thing is that many of these cases do not need to feel ashamed of anything and nobody is going to laugh or comment anything, becoming a real psychological problem for the individual.

Although the breast size affects people very differently, there are emotional reactions which occur in women who feel ashamed by the size of their chest.

In what areas of my life, can it affect me having a small breast size?

At the time of looking for a partner

The most common concern among women who think having a small breast is feeling less attractive to the opposite sex. The breasts have been a symbol of femininity in women and in many cases essential to approach the opposite sex since ancient times.

It is very common to feel "fear" or "uncertainty" when dealing with people or finding a partner because of the fear of a possible rejection because of the size of your chest. In many cases, such reactions will not be produced because of their insecurities there has not even been a first contact or approach. And if that were to occur, it would always be associated with the breast size. This problem is less pronounced in people with stable relationships or married persons.

The loss of self esteem

Another very common concern among women who have small breasts is that this could directly affect their self-esteem, and unfortunately studies have shown that this is a certain concern that affects thousands of women around the world.

The loss of self-esteem may be a trigger for other concerns in the daily lives of people. The lack of self-esteem, although it might result strange, could cause a loss of authority or power in other aspects of the daily life with other people.

In front of the mirror

Women who have a small chest show a significant aversion when being reflected in the mirror, feeling totally complexed by the size of these. This problem is more widespread among teenagers for their lower personality and self-esteem, being more vulnerable about their physical appearance.

Many people suffer daily from seeing themselves in front of a mirror. Over the years, this syndrome is becoming less traumatic when the person is getting accustomed to the chest.

Inappropriate or humorous comments

One of the things that make it difficult to feeling normal about having a small chest are the continuous comments and jokes in a humorous tone that is made about your condition. Although many years have gone by, a woman will never get used to the comments and jokes made about it, we are human and suffer like everyone else.

When the individual is an adolescent or very young these comments are more continuous and hurtful. It is discussed throughout the world, how cruel and insensitive children can be in their insults and comments to other colleagues, friends or neighbors.

What others think (fear of ridicule)

Is undoubtedly the most widespread fear among women who have, or think they have, a smaller breast than the average. Many come to experience real panic when having sex with their partner because they think they are going to laugh at their breasts, something that usually does not happen. However we get many testimonials from readers who tell us that while maintaining a sexual relationship, they only think about if their partner is enjoying it and if he is thinking about their breasts.

Along with these emotional reactions there may exist many other of personal character that occur in all types of women. Each person is different, and even more when we talk about the world of feelings.

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