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Jan. 13, 2010. Nobody can escape from that the size of the breasts is one of the greatest aesthetic concerns of women of our time; however not only us and you are concerned, as it is one of the most frequent topics of conversation at men’s meetings around the world. It is needless to say that men prefer a first contact with women with a big, strong and well placed breast instead of hanging and flaccid breasts.

There are several reasons why men prefer women with a large, nice and voluminous breast size. However the main reason is that men get more excited and enjoy sex much more.

Of course this does not mean that women with a small breast size cannot make their partner enjoy the sexual relations. What is an undeniable fact is that if a man could choose between two identical women, he would choose the one with the biggest breasts. It should also be noted that women with large and well placed breasts, will have more confidence in themselves and usually they will satisfy their respective partners better. The breast is determining as visual attraction factor at the beginning of a relationship!

As it is not the same being pretty or ugly, high or thin, strong or weak, neither it is getting naked with a big, firm and well placed breast or with a small and flaccid breasts, in front of a man.  We would all like to go to the pool with a sexy bikini or wear the dress with bigger breasts, in addition to the much more enjoyable visual effect, you will also in some cases, cause a greater arousal in men.

Fortunately there are treatments and methods on the market today that can be very effective in improving the conditions of your breasts such as volume, size and firmness. Our guide is designed for women with all types of breast sizes that want to further improve their female sexual conditions and satisfy their partners. For this you will find various products that could help you to have bigger and stronger breasts without having to undergo an operation. Carefully read all the information we offer and decide for yourself.

Do you want to know what men think about women?

I have always liked women with big breasts, and it is just because it excites in every way. It is clear, if I can choose I prefer large breasts.

Jose Manuel

My ideal woman is thin, high, and has a great ass and big and firm breasts.


For me the size of the breasts is by no means the most important thing in a woman, however, I would be lying if I failed to mention that I like the girls with beautiful breasts. I think it is a obvious reality, as I assume that women prefer men with an amazing body, dark and with blue eyes.


Hello my name is John and I am writing to give you my opinion. Although a woman could think it is tough and even hurtful, men look at the breasts and a lot, to the point that is very common in conversations with my friends. For many of us, the breasts are one of the factors to be considered in a woman.



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