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Breast enlargement FAQs

Do breast enlargement creams really work?

Jan. 30, 2010. As in the case of the pills, the creams are having an incredible reception on the worldwide market because of the extraordinary results that many women are getting from their daily usage. With these creams you will be able to improve the size and firmness of the breast in a fast, easy and safe way.

What ingredients are in these creams?

These creams are composed of natural ingredients directly extracted from plants. The ingredients are quite similar to those found in pills, those that are really effective in enhancing the size of the breast.

Are the creams ingredients safe?

All the ingredients are natural and safe. The American FDA does not list any of them as dangerous substances.

How do I use the creams?

These creams were created for women who did not want to or did not like the process of taking pills. The majority of the manufacturers recommend applying the cream 1 or 2 times a day. We always advise you to read the instructions carefully and follow the course of treatment as suggested by the manufacturer for correct usage.

What results would I get?

You will be able to enlarge the size of your breasts, enhancing the shape, dimension and firmness. When women use these creams it is common that they experience a new found self-confidence and a better physical silhouette.

Are all these creams under guarantee?

As with the pills, there are various cream brands and manufacturers providing their own guarantees. However, you should always select products with a money-back, medical and manufacture guarantee, which are offered by only a few of them.

Are the achieved results permanent?

Yes. The result that you get after finishing the treatment with this product will be permanent.

Are all breast enlargement creams the same?

No. There are many differences between the available products, which are made clear in our section of comparison.

Can anyone use these creams?

Each manufacturer has its own rules and guidelines, which you must read before commencing use of the product. Usually it is recommended that those who suffer with high blood pressure, heart disease, cancer or lumps in the breast, or For those who suffer from any other sort of illness should not use these products. Always consult your doctor if you are taking any kind of medication.

How long does it take to see results?

Generally full results will be achieved in approximately 2 or 3 months. However you will notice a change in the appearance of your breasts after only a few weeks of usage.

Is it really an effective and recommended method?

Yes. We have proved that these creams are really beneficial as an effective method to improve a woman's figure looking slender in only few weeks, achieving enhanced and more shapely breasts.

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