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Breast enlargement Testimonies

“Since I have started using the program Siluette Plus+, my breasts are bigger and firmer. A friend recommended me these exercises and I'm so happy with the results. I only spend a few minutes a day before I shower and that's it, as easy as that I've seen results in my breasts. I recommend it to all that read this..”


“I had never believed in these products but the Siluette page convinced me quite a bit. Being a 100% natural product, I decided to try it and in a month and a half, I learned that everything they said was true. I encourage every woman that is not satisfied with her bust to try this product.”


“My name is Sophie and I'm 23 years old. I've been doing the Siluette Plus+ program for about three weeks now. Although it's very early to see final results that I hope to achieve, I can tell you that my figure has improved a lot. I notice that something has changed in my breasts, that now they are somewhat bigger and firmer. It's really true all that you put on your web page.”

Sophie Ericsson

“I have to say thank you for this marvelous product. After 3 months of use, I can say that I am totally satisfied. After only one month I started to notice changes that convinced me to continue with the treatment and it was a great decision because the issues that I had have already began to disappear. I can now say that my chests have curves. Thank you very much.”

Linda A.

"I've been using Siluette Plus+ for five months now and I'm achieving some really incredible results. At first I found it difficult to see the first results, but after the first seven weeks of use, my breasts began to experience a spectacular change. Without a doubt, I recommend Siluette Plus+ to all women who have a complex because of their breasts“

Marcia Lee

"I'm here to tell you that the breast enlargement is possible with natural creams. Thank´s for this information!“

Tyra R. Mansel

"Many times I thought about getting breast enhancement surgery but I was scared of putting myself on an operating table and I still have that same fear. I didn’t think that such a sensible treatment would exist and over all that it would give me such quick results allowing me to be able to avoid surgery by only applying a cream. I am now coming up on 4 months of treatment and my bust doesn’t look anything like it did before. I can now show it off like I have always wanted to.“


"This is unbelievable! I have been using SILUETTE for only 4 weeks and although it is a little early, I have started to notice small changes that give me great optimism and the desire to continue with the treatment. It won’t be long before I’ll be able to show off my new figure!“

Jennifer Harris

"I've tried a multitude of products to make my breasts grow and enhance my breasts and the only one that really worked was Siluette Plus+, thanks to which my breasts have grown one size and a half in very little time. Thank you very much for your product.“

Joanna Sheperd

"I just wanted to thank you guys for such an effective product that has changed my life. All my issues have disappeared and thanks to Siluette I have increased my bust size by one and a half sizes! It’s simply wonderful what I have managed to do with this product and I just wanted to say thank you.“


"I find it all incredible that a program so easy to follow can do so much for us. My breasts, aside from being firmer, have grown a size and a half. And without pain of any kind nor excessive costs. Impressive!“


"With only one cream and some videos (these yes, very useful and professional) my life has turned around 180║! My breasts are no longer a shame for me but to the contrary! Brilliant!“

Sylvia Miles

"In the first 4 weeks of using the Addbust cream I have seen some gains, I hope will have more results in the future. Thank´s for your completely breast guide.“


"Today I am happy thanks to all of you! Although I didn’t have a very small chest, I always dreamed about increasing my cup size without having to turn to surgery. With siluette, I have managed to increase my bust by one cup-size and it was so easy! I’m still using the treatment and I hope to continue seeing results.“

J. Smith

"My name is Kate and I have been using Siluette and Procurves for about 4 months! I never thought that it there was such an easy and fast way to increase my cup size. I have gone up almost 2 cup sizes and I’m not afraid to undress in the locker rooms at the gym anymore. Thanks a bunch guys...“


"These creams are amazing!!!!!  I have already seen gains of almost one inch.“

Debbie Anderson

"Thank you so much for letting all us women know about such a marvelous product! I’m hoping to get the cream so I can start using it, too. I will tell you all how it goes for me... Kisses to everyone!!!!“


"I'm very grateful to Breast Enlargement Guide for bringing these naturals creams. I´ve became more passionate and sexually attractive. I feel more confident now and... I'm very very happy!!! Thank you so much friends.“

Dianna E.

"The creams really work!!“


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