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Feb. 10, 2010. Right now the only vibrating device specifically developed for breast enlargement for women which is comercialized is the Venus Medical Breast Enhancer. Thus it is impossible to make a comparison since there are no products with which we can compare.

What we can provide and assure is that the Venus Medical device is having tremendous success in the United States and United Kingdom, as well as other countries in Europe that commercialize it. This is due to the unfailing effectiveness of mouth to mouth advertising which has been produced among women, such as in forums, internet sites, clubs and associations, hair salons, etc. Of course it wouldn't be like this if the results weren't positive.



Venus Medical The Venus Medical Device will increase the firmness of your breasts by a simple soothing masage above the chest. It has the advantage of being completely painless and offers an unlimited amount of positive benefits such as increasing the blood circulation, pain prevention, keeping ligaments strong and improving their firmness.
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How does it work?

Vibrating therapy has come into use only a few years ago for several medical aspects such as muscular training, increasing firmness for treating pains, and now it is being applied with great success for improving the basic conditions of womens breast.

The vibrations emitted by the device, through both units, will increase the natural capicity of the human body to adjust to these vibrations. Slowly over time your body will adjust to these vibrations by adding or firming muscle. This is done without any type of pain or adverse effect associated to its use.


The use of vibration is contraindicated in the following cases:

Venus-medical is registered and approved to be marketed worldwide. It has the CE- marking, guaranteeing its quality.

* These comparisons have been supervised by the following physicians:
Dr. Arana - Medical license number:6785

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