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1. Do vibration devices really work for breasts?

Feb. 11, 2010. According to the testimonies from woman that we have received, the principles on which they are based and our conclusions all lead us to affirm this product is truly effective to improve the conditions of a woman's breasts. They are highly recommended and may be used with other products at the same time.

2. How do these devices work?

The vibration given off by the device will increase the bodys natural capacity to change under the influence of vibrations. This will improve the firmness and volume of your breasts.

3. Is it safe to use? Will it cause me pain?

The use of Venus Medical is completely safe and painless. As you already know, it relies on the CE certificate and is comercialized and sold with a guarantee. The vibrations emitted by the device will feel relaxing.

4. How do you use these devices?

You should place the vibration units on each breast. Later turn on the central control system. Through the light and soothing massages you will receive firmer and healthier breasts.

5. What results will I get?

Women who have used the device have received and kept healthy breasts, at the same time increasing their firmness, stimulating breast muscles, reducing pains associated to bras, preventing possible pains and sicknesses, relaxing pain and aliviating tension, increasing the bust area, improving blood circulation in the area, and help drain the mammary glands and improve internal drainage.

6. Why is it the only brand on the market?

Because it is a completely new and revolutionary product that has just been released on the world market. Therefore, Vensu Medical has been the pioneer in the use of vibrations for improving breast conditions.

7. Can everyone use them?

According to the frabricator, every woman that is of age and does not present any type of sickness, infection, irritation, or wound with the breasts, is eligible to use the device.

8. How much time will it take to see the first results?

Although the results can be visible in around a few weeks of use, you will need between 2 and 6 months for the results to establish themselves, to form a larger and better looking bust line. Remember that the results you get will be permanent.

9. Is it true that doctors endorse it?

It is true, in fact you can check it for yourself by entering their website and reading all the testimonies by specialized gynacologists. You will find it very interesting to read and learn of the opinion from health professionals in regards to this subject.

10. Is it seriously an effective and recommended method?

In our opinion, and keeping in mind the ratings, we believe it is a product that may be incredibly beneficial for women of any age and physical condition.

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