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The operation for breast augmentation is a type of procedure whose objective is, as its name indicates, to augment breast size, or change their form, reaffirming..
This breast augmentation is done generally by placing an artificial implant under the skin or the muscle, or to say, under the breast. The surgery for breast augmentation is a procedure that is now tremendously common for many women who decide to take this option for various reasons. One of these reasons is for personal aesthetics, as they can feel incomfortable because their bust is too small, and in a society where the canon of beauty has established that bigger breasts are better, it makes it so all women desire a breast augmentation in order to compete between themselves for the largest and firmest. Some women opt for breast augmentation surgery because they desire to dedicate themselves to a certain profession, like model, exotic dancer, etc. and they feel that a larger bust will help. Others desire a breast augmentation for less superficial reasons, like to even out unbalanced breasts or to correct the volume that is left after pregnancy.

Regulations on Breast

The regulatory system of the FDA in respect to silicone implants for breast augmentation is the following:

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