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Pheromones FAQs

Do these perfumes of pheromones really work?

Feb. 17, 2010. Yes. We have received many testimonies from women who have used these products in the form of perfumes, like colognes, and have improved their attractiveness thanks to them, benefiting from their effects without any effort. Many people are reluctant to believe that this type of products work, however, if they do research into this as we have done, they will find that this is true, and it is the science that makes this possible.

How do they work?

The natural smell of pheromones is captured by the vomeronasal organ (VNO). The main role of this organ is the channeling and stimulation of the different emotions and behaviors of the people. Detailed scientific studies have shown that men feel more attracted to women who have a high level of pheromones in the body. Therefore, these perfumes can perfectly simulate the pheromones of the body, making a woman more attractive to the opposite sex.

Are the creams ingredients safe?

Yes. All the ingredients are 100% natural and safe. The American FDA does not list any of them as dangerous substances and there are no known side effects.

How are these perfumes used?

The vast majority of these colognes with pheromones are sold like normal perfumes that we can find on the market. This is why they have very pleasant and heady fragrances and they are used in the exact same way like a regular perfume. You only have to apply only a few drops (no need to put a great quantity for better results) before leaving home. However, we recommend that you read the guidelines before using it, just like it would be advised with any other product.

What kind of results can I expect?

You will soon see that men show more interest in you, which will increase your possibilities of success in a significant way, increase in your sexual relationships; the number of sexual relationships will be much higher too.

Are the achieved results permanent?

All the ingredients are natural and safe. The American FDA does not list any of them as dangerous substances.

All the pheromone perfumes are the same?

As we have mentioned above, there are several companies in the market that are dedicated to sell different brands of synthesized pheromones, but our mission is to document which ones are the best, through our comprehensive assessments on the differences that exist between the different companies. We recommend you to read carefully the details of the comparison, that we offer in a different section, so that you could choose the product that fits your needs the most.

Anyone can use these perfumes of pheromones?

Yes, these perfumes can be used by anyone, regardless age, race and health condition.


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